&& hearts

Hey! WoW it has been a long time sincr I have updated!
well things have been going good.
but me and Brian broke up.
he was so overprotective, I feel guilty becuase I am happy about it,
but he has effected my life in such a negative way.
&& i thought it was a love where people were jelous becuase we were young and in love.
ill find my prince someday.
i hope.
im so stressed becuase AIMS is this week.
i must pass to graduate highschool.
&& i am the worst math person ever.
gotta go study :/
&& i pretty much love you.


Well hello everyone! These past months have been...weird. Brian is acting really weird around me and I kind of have an impression that he like my best friend. I am failing math class becuase I'm so bad at math and plus this is my senior year...that will not look good on my applications for college! The preassure coming from my mom is making things worse...I love to daance and it is my passion..but she is pushing me just a little to hard. She used to be the perfect student in highschool and I'm not so shes being a bitch...and I wasn't allowed to go see my effing boyfriend at nine oclock at night...so I had to sneek out, and todays is a day off and I'm grounded. I just needed to get all this shit out of me..

♥ lauren

i heart you

Hey everyone!! Well I thought I would just let you know that things are still awsome between me Brian and I. His christmas present for me from him is.....a date to the most fancy hotel and he hasnt told me anything else yet! Oh Jenny don't forgot just stick in there and remeber that I am always here if you need any help and hes not worth it and I love you so much more then he ever did he never loved you he cheated on you!!!!!! anyways just call me, babe. Oh and Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Hello darlings

I don't have much time to update, but all is going well. Bryan and I are yet getting more and more attached to eachother and I have been doing alot of things with him latley. My birthday is coming up so I'm thinking of going on a cruise and invite maybe Jennifer or someone. It is still early in the year, but my school is already getting us to think about college! Gosh it would be so great if Bryan went to a school near me! Anyway, I gotta go I'm going down to a bonfire with Lexus, Jennifer, Brittney, Louie, Bryan, all these people from my school.

♥ lauren

Hey sexies

Well tomorow we have a half day and I'm exited. Oh the date with Bryan.. It was fun we went to a fancy restaurant, went to his house and watched the ring 2 (not exactly a romantic movie but whatever) and started to kiss until his little brother turned the lights on. The six flags trip was fun, and I was right the principal is gone! Me and Lexus went on some ride that got you wet and we looked like freaks the rest of the day becuase our jeans were soaked! After that the bus took us back to school and me and Stacy went to her house. I just met her and actually shes very nice. We were talking about going on a double date, her boyfriend is adorable! Next weekend I want to have a party with Lexus, Stacy, Jennifer, Bryan,Angela, and stacys boyfriend. Myabe go to the movies or something, ice skating, I don't know. I'll proably make a fool of myself if I go ice skating. I'm like talking to myself so I'm gonna go.

♥ lauren

Hey everyone!

Hey I can't wait to go to school tomorow my school is going on a feild trip to Six Flags for our "early graduation" becuase my principal won't be there by the end of the year. I think it's really to celebarte the going away of the principal becuase not alot of teachers like her! I am also going on a date with Bryan tonight and I can't wait!! His dates with him are always so relaxing, not like nervous. For once I'm looking forward to going back to school! I got a new layout, but I don't know if I'm going to keep it. I really wanted a Marylin Manroe one but I haven't found one yet. Me and Angela and Lexus went shopping yesterday and I got a polo from Holister (Grey) and a long sleeve pink shirt from Hollister becuase winter is getting closer. YAY! I didn't really like the grey when I bought it, but no one has a grey one.
I gotta go get ready.

♥ Lauren

Hey how ya doin?

Hey today is Sunday, and I have to go back to school tomorow. I miss summer now becuase it's just so relaxing and school is so hectic! Well I applied for some communities and I got into p_i_n_k_i_c_e it's really fun! Well I'm going to do some homework, so write later.
Back to reality.

♥ lauren
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What I did

Today I went to school, came home, did homework, watched a re-run of the oc, ate, and now I'm on here. When all the "rich people" say how glamorous their life is, It's shit. Its like mine, and it really bothers me when all the other rich people say all that crap. Anways, I'm thinking of joining some communities, becuase writing in this everyday isnt what I call fun.

♥ lauren
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(no subject)

Hey I'm Lauren and I'm new to livejournal. I'm thinking about joining some communities, so comment if you know of a community that is cool.
So I guess I'm supposed to write about my life so here it goes:
Today I went to Jens house and we went to Rachels house. She was all oh my god what are you wearing? I was wearing a boho shirt with pearls and destryoed jeans, and shes sitting there wearing some ugly ass trucker hat saying hottie and and a puke green skirt. She is anything but hot, she needs so get a nose job. What a whore.
Jen is hot though
I love you Jen :hearts;
I hate you Jen, and I don't care if your reading this I still have like 100 friends and I'm glad your not one of them
Told you I'm nice to the people I like
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